BLUE MORPH VICTORIA VESNA AND JAMES GIMZEWSKI  2007-2009 YEAR 2007 - 2009 MATERIALS Lights, Nanotechnology FROM Artist EXHIBITED AT Fringe Exhibitions Gallery Chinatown, Los Angeles 2007 Dec 5 -


DANCING MENORAH #1 WEN-YING TSAI YEAR 1975 MATERIALS Seven stainless steel rods, seven diffraction discs. FROM Andrew Bermant LOCATION Santa Barbara


FLYING PENCILS MILES PEPPER YEAR 1995 DIMENSIONS Extends 27 feet into the sky. MATERIALS Stainless still and aluminum FROM Artist LOCATION University of California, Santa Barbara EXHIBITED AT UCSB, Santa Barbara,


ROTO I ALAN RATH YEAR 2008 DIMENSIONS 127"H x 58"W x 8"D MATERIALS Aluminum, PVC, polyethylene, custom electronics, motors, feathers FROM Solway-Jones Gallery LOCATION Butler Institute


THE LASSO ALEJANDRO & MOIRA SINA YEAR 1997 DIMENSIONS 8' x 3' diameter MATERIALS Digital kinetic lightworks. Control box cable with neo rigging. Three electro neon tubes. Microprocessor. Combination of timed


SIGNAL TAKIS YEAR 1968 DIMENSIONS 82 x 10 x 9 MATERIALS lights & steel LOCATION Butler Institute EXHIBITED AT Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, CT 1988; PULSE 2 @ Santa Barbara


LUNATICK GEORGE RHOADS YEAR 1990 DIMENSIONS 3' x 10' MATERIALS 112 individual clock motors with 224 AA batteries, wood, paper FROM Artist LOCATION Butler Institute EXHIBITED AT PULSE 2


MOET MATTIE BERHANG YEAR 1980 DIMENSIONS 68" x 72" x 14" MATERIALS Odd mixture of industrial findings (mobile). FROM O.K. Harris Gallery N.Y. LOCATION Butler Institute DESCRIPTION