Color, Light, Motion Episode 23: Ingeborg Reichle

Ingeborg Reichle | Jean Tinguely’s Kinetic Sculptures and Living Machines

INGEBORG REICHLE is a Berlin-based contemporary art historian and curator at the intersection of art and technoscience. In 2004 she gained her Ph.D. from the Humboldt University Berlin with the dissertation Art in the Age of Technoscience: Genetic Engineering, Robotics, and Artificial Life in Contemporary Art (Springer 2009). In recent years she served as Professor in the Department of Media Theory at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, and as founding chair of the Department of Cross-disciplinary Strategies (CDS), where she designed an integrated BA study program on applied studies in art, science, philosophy, and global challenges. Recent curatorial projects include the sci-art program NaturArchy at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy, the European Commission’s science and knowledge service and the sci-art program NanoARTS by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. In 2022 she joined the Board of Trustees of the ZKM Center for Art

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Color, Light, Motion Episode 22: Ivana Dama

From Zero to Infinity: Otto Piene, Zero Group, and Their Legacy on Today’s Art

IVANA DAMA was born and raised under the socialist regime in Belgrade shortly after the end of the civil war and during the time of NATO bombing. The tension between the former Yugoslavian countries was still undoubtedly present. Even though she was only a young child when the bombing began, images and sounds of the destruction still clearly permeate her mind. The memories of living in a small shelter with the sounds and vibrations of the air raid sirens have contributed to her interest in using air and sound as a primary medium. Her work, which includes audio-video installations, robotics, web projects, and music performances, explores the deep connections between sound, memory, and human experience.
Currently pursuing a graduate degree in Sculpture at Yale University, Ivana holds a previous degree in Media Arts and Digital Humanities from UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture. Her work explores the

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Color, Light, Motion Episode 21: George Quasha

The Syntax of Moving Awareness

GEORGE QUASHA is a poet, artist, musician and writer working in diverse mediums to explore certain principles (e.g., axiality, ecoproprioception). For his primary medium poiesis he has invented the genre preverbs as a medium of axial language and “linguality at zero point.” He extends axiality & poiesis to art, music, performance, and conscience body practice.
His ongoing video work was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship (2006), principally for art is/music is/poetry is (Speaking Portraits), for which during the last twenty-three years he has recorded over a thousand artists, poets, and composers in eleven countries saying what art, music, or poetry is (—represented in the book art is (Speaking Portraits) (2016).

More about George Quasha.


GARY HILL is a pioneering artist of new media and video work. His video works incorporate commentaries on society and culture as well as bringing in poetic themes and ideas. Hill considers video as a medium

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 20: Claudia Schnugg

Experiencing realities: From fine-grained data to cosmic events

CLAUDIA SCHNUGG is curator and artscience scholar. She holds a PhD in social and economic sciences with an additional focus on cultural sciences and media arts. Her practice is twofold: as scholar she is researching artscience collaborations by investigating effects, impact, and value of processes and the relevance of the outcome. As curator, she supports and develops projects, programmes, and exhibitions at the intersection of art and science. Currently, she is curating projects at ESA/ESTEC, Institute of Stem Cells and Epigenetics at Helmholtz Center Munich, Science Gallery Berlin, works with Pro Helvetia, co-curator of Naturarchy Resonances IV of the SciArt Project at the European Commission’s JRC, and leads a project at Johannes Kepler University. Upcoming shows are CORALS at Science Gallery Berlin and Intersecting Realities in Timisoara.

More about Claudia Schnugg.


ANDREI TUDOSE is a cultural manager and curator, co-founder of Marginal and artist-run hybrid

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 19: Marisa Caichiolo

Building Bridges

Marisa Caichiolo is an artist and curator who studied art history and curatorial studies, she holds a PhD in art history and psychology.

Her research focuses primarily on the impact on social and political changes in society. She focuses on cultural exchanges researching cultural production fluctuating between theory and practice.

Her curatorial projects have been shown internationally, including MUSA Museum of Arts of the University of Guadalajara(Mexico); Kirchner Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, (Argentina); DOX Center for ContemporaryArts, Prague (Czech Republic); Frost Science Museum, Miami (USA); PVAC PalosVerdes Art Center, Palos Verdes (California); Building Bridges Art Foundation,Los Angeles (California); KATARA Cultural Center, Doha (Qatar); Sharjah Museum of Contemporary Art, Dubai (United Arab Emirates); Anaheim Muzeo Museum andCultural Center, Anaheim (California); Telefónica Art Foundation, Santiago(Chile); among others.

She is the founder of Building Bridges International Art Foundation an international non-profit organization based in SantaMonica, Los Angeles County. The foundation is conceived to be a platform for critical thinking, and researching; local and

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 18: Anuradha Vikram

Organic Machines: Nam June Paik’s Cyborg Poetics

ANURADHA VIKRAM is a writer, curator, and educator born in New York and based in Los Angeles. They are co-curator of the 2024 Portland Biennial and guest curator of the Getty Pacific Standard Time Art and Science exhibition Atmosphere of Sound: Sonic Art in Times of Climate Disruption (2024–25) at UCLA Art Sci Center. Recent curatorial projects include Jaishri Abichandani: Flower-Headed Children at Craft Contemporary, Los Angeles, Swept Away: Love Letter to a Surrogate at Guild Hall, East Hampton, New York, and eX-aMEN-ing Masculinities with LA Freewaves at Los Angeles State Historic Park in 2022.

Vikram’s book Decolonizing Culture (Sming Sming Books, 2017) helped initiate a global movement to decolonize arts institutions and monuments. They have written for art periodicals and publications from Paper Monument, Heyday Press, Routledge, and Oxford University Press. They are an Editorial Board member at X-TRA and an editor at X Artists’ Books.

Vikram is faculty in the UCLA School of the

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 17: Marco Pinter & Jamie Dufek

MARCO PINTER creates artwork and performances which fuse physical kinetic form with live visualizations. He has a PhD in Media Arts and Technology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University. His work integrating graphics with robotic sculpture is supported by grants from the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative, and the UC Institute for Research in the Arts. He has exhibited artwork and performances at cities around the world, including Dubai, New York, Montreal, Tehran, Hong Kong, Anaheim, San Diego and Santa Barbara. Wired magazine’s online UK site published a feature on Pinter’s work that explores perception through kinetic sculpture and graphics. Pinter is a contributing author to The McGraw Hill Multimedia Handbook and The Ultimate Multimedia Handbook. He is an inventor on over 70 patents, issued and pending, in the areas of live video technology, robotics, interactivity and telepresence.

A native Minnesotan, JAMIE DUFEK fell in love with nonprofits at a young

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 16: Ellen K. Levy

The Question of Attention and Thomas Wilfred’s Lumia

ELLEN K. LEVY is a multimedia artist and writer known for exploring art, science and technology interrelationships since the mid-1980s. Levy highlights them through exhibitions, educational and curatorial programs, and publications. Her graduate studies were at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston following a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College in Zoology. She was President of the College Art Association (2004-2006) before earning her doctorate (2012) from the University of Plymouth (UK) on the art and neuroscience of attention. She then was Special Advisor on the Arts and Sciences at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (2012-2017). She was a Distinguished Visiting Fellow in Arts and Sciences at Skidmore College (1999), a position supported by the Luce Foundation, and has taught many transdisciplinary classes and workshops (e.g., at The New School, Cooper Union, Brooklyn College, Banff). She has exhibited widely in the US and abroad.

Levy’s solo

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 15: Robin Gose

Hands-on, Minds-on: Informal STEAM Learning

ROBIN GOSE has been a STEM educator for more than 20 years, in both classroom and museum settings. She joined the MOXI team in November 2017 during its inaugural year as Santa Barbara’s newest hands-on science museum and destination for families. In this role, she oversees the museum’s operations, finances, fundraising, outreach, and programming to ensure alignment with the organization’s mission, “to ignite learning through interactive experiences in science and creativity.” She also cultivates relationships with supporters, business and civic leaders, schools, community partners, media, and more to further promote MOXI as a world-class institution for informal science learning.

Robin came to MOXI after three years as director of education at Thinkery in Austin, Texas where she cultivated the pedagogical vision of the institution and oversaw all programming, exhibits and facilities at the latest iteration of what was once the Austin Children’s Museum. Robin’s passion is to

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 14: Liz Phillips

Creating in an Elastic Umwelt

LIZ PHILLIPS is a New York-based artist that has been making interactive multi-media installations for the past 50 years. She creates responsive environments sensing wind, plants, fish, audience, dance, water, and food. Sound is her primary descriptive material. Audio and visual art forms combine with new technologies to create elastic time-space constructs.

Phillips has exhibited interactive sound installations at art museums, alternative spaces, festivals, and public spaces. These include; The Academy of Natural Sciences, The Milwaukee Art Museum, Queens Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum, The Whitney Museum of American Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Spoleto Festival USA, the Walker Art Museum, Ars Electronica, Lincoln Center, Jacob’s Pillow, The Kitchen, Rene Block gallery and Frederieke Taylor Gallery. Phillips has also collaborated with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Nam June Paik, Heidi Howard, Earl Howard, Simone Forti and Robert Kovich. Her work was presented by Creative Time, the Cleveland Orchestra, IBM Japan, and

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