From Zero to Infinity: Otto Piene, Zero Group, and Their Legacy on Today’s Art

IVANA DAMA was born and raised under the socialist regime in Belgrade shortly after the end of the civil war and during the time of NATO bombing. The tension between the former Yugoslavian countries was still undoubtedly present. Even though she was only a young child when the bombing began, images and sounds of the destruction still clearly permeate her mind. The memories of living in a small shelter with the sounds and vibrations of the air raid sirens have contributed to her interest in using air and sound as a primary medium. Her work, which includes audio-video installations, robotics, web projects, and music performances, explores the deep connections between sound, memory, and human experience.
Currently pursuing a graduate degree in Sculpture at Yale University, Ivana holds a previous degree in Media Arts and Digital Humanities from UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture. Her work explores the different realms of space encompassing the microscopic, architectural, and satellite scale. Through various experiments she explores how sounds behave in different environments such as vacuum, water, and outer space. Ivana has participated in over 30 group shows and had solo exhibitions in Portland and Los Angeles.

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ROSS WIGHTMAN is a sound and media artist from New Jersey. Currently, he serves as a Technical Manager at the Yale Center for Collaborative Arts and Media (CCAM) and Curator of the CCAM Sound Art Series. At Yale and the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, he teaches a variety of media studies, computer music and composition courses, and leads electroacoustic improvisation ensembles.

As a sound artist and composer, his work incorporates microtonality, electro-acoustic multimedia composition and instrument building. In his electroacoustic instruments building practice, Ross repurposes and deconstructs found instruments, combining 3D printing, robotics, and machine learning to investigate themes related to performance practice, virtuosity, timbre and resonance.

As a visual artist, Ross’ work spans video, 3D modeling, mixed reality, graphic design and other media. Drawing often on a deep love of film, his video art practice subverts the intended functionality of consumer electronics to concoct amalgamations of glitched and distorted vintage media via digital sampling and circuit bending analog A/V equipment.

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