Experiencing realities: From fine-grained data to cosmic events

CLAUDIA SCHNUGG is curator and artscience scholar. She holds a PhD in social and economic sciences with an additional focus on cultural sciences and media arts. Her practice is twofold: as scholar she is researching artscience collaborations by investigating effects, impact, and value of processes and the relevance of the outcome. As curator, she supports and develops projects, programmes, and exhibitions at the intersection of art and science. Currently, she is curating projects at ESA/ESTEC, Institute of Stem Cells and Epigenetics at Helmholtz Center Munich, Science Gallery Berlin, works with Pro Helvetia, co-curator of Naturarchy Resonances IV of the SciArt Project at the European Commission’s JRC, and leads a project at Johannes Kepler University. Upcoming shows are CORALS at Science Gallery Berlin and Intersecting Realities in Timisoara.

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ANDREI TUDOSE is a cultural manager and curator, co-founder of Marginal and artist-run hybrid VAGon – in(inter)disciplined space. With a background in marketing research, sociology and visual studies, his focus relies on a transdisciplinary approach, built between art, social sciences and technology, challenging the public to take a participatory stance.

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ZEYNEP BIRSEL is concept and project developer for the Open Design Lab and Space Lab at Waag. She has fifteen years of professional experience in working with scientists, academic entrepreneurs, start-ups and mid-size companies in commercial development of early stage technologies and designing for sustainable innovation.

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