The Syntax of Moving Awareness

GEORGE QUASHA is a poet, artist, musician and writer working in diverse mediums to explore certain principles (e.g., axiality, ecoproprioception). For his primary medium poiesis he has invented the genre preverbs as a medium of axial language and “linguality at zero point.” He extends axiality & poiesis to art, music, performance, and conscience body practice.
His ongoing video work was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship (2006), principally for art is/music is/poetry is (Speaking Portraits), for which during the last twenty-three years he has recorded over a thousand artists, poets, and composers in eleven countries saying what art, music, or poetry is (—represented in the book art is (Speaking Portraits) (2016).

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GARY HILL is a pioneering artist of new media and video work. His video works incorporate commentaries on society and culture as well as bringing in poetic themes and ideas. Hill considers video as a medium to be the most receptive, flexible, and far-reaching mirror of consciousness. He creates psychological spaces within his artworks that allow viewers to see this mirror of their own consciousness.

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TONI DOVE is considered an innovator in the field of interactive and immersive narrative, New York-based artist Toni Dove creates hybrid performance, installation and screen-based art that fuses film, game or instrument-based interaction with experimental theater. In her work, performers and participants interact with an unfolding narrative, using technologies such as motion sensing or machine learning to connect with on-screen characters.

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