The Mimi Garrard Dance Company Incorporated in 1972

Mimi Garrard began working with dance for video in 2001 using digital technology to transform dance material. The Video Dances are shown in film festivals internationally. They have won over 1000 first place awards in most major cities around the world.


Most recently Mimi Garrard is experimenting in new ways, creating dance for video using digital techniques to transform the dance material. Her work in this area is unique and is gaining increas­ing attention. This work is shown internationally on television, in museums and galleries, and in festivals. It was also shown on the dome of the plane­tarium in Jackson, Mississippi, and on the BBC BIG screen throughout England. Over the last three years she participated in 1,829 international festivals and won 1,011 first place awards. She won the Distinguished Alumnae Award from Sweet Briar College in 2019.