A documentary film that follows London and Wen-Ying Tsai


Laznia Center for Contemporary Art


Forms of Balance is a documentary film by Allegra Oxborough, following sculptor London Tsai as he untangles his inheritance after the passing of his father (groundbreaking cybernetic sculptor Wen-Ying Tsai). The film is told through never-before-seen archival material and present-day observational footage, painting a candid portrait of a uniquely American legacy in the realm of technological art.

Wen-Ying Tsai was a groundbreaking sculptor, and one of the first Chinese-born artists to rise in New York’s modern art scene. When he died in 2013, Tsai left behind a career’s-worth of technology-art, including aging, delicate works in need of restoration. Forms of Balance follows his adult son, London Tsai (also a technology artist) as London struggles to maintain his father’s archive, while paving his own path as a cybernetic sculptor. While Forms of Balance chronicles Wen-Ying Tsai’s profound contributions to the modern art world, the film also offers a more global contemplation on legacy (on what, and whom, we leave behind). The film uniquely contrasts the public achievements of a great technology artist with the private life of a father, through the gentle lens of his own son.