Sally Weber and Craig Newswanger
Soundscape by Jonathan Crawford

Exhibited in GLOW at the The Exploratorium, San Francisco, November 17, 2022 – April 3, 2023


Visitors gaze up at an array of 300 spiraling lights reminiscent of fireflies. But from underneath, each pinpoint of light seems to be in orbit around another, evocative of galaxies rotating and twisting as they sweep through space. The swirling lights fill our field of vision and leave traces of their paths in the air creating a sense of suspended time while slowly revealing more than a camera can catch. Entangled Attraction was inspired by the unpredictable patterns of chaos and their complex inter-connections and affect on the entire system. Our eyes see the dance of each LED as trails of light and with glints of color in the air due to “persistence of vision”, our visual system’s ability to remember light’s image for up to a tenth of a second.