In its ongoing efforts to promote the David Bermant collection and his dedication to supporting creators of kinetic and technology art, the Foundation remains committed to generating interest and attention. Here are some exciting projects to anticipate in 2024 that will further highlight artists and institutions engaged with science and technology.

1. COLOR, LIGHT, MOTION: I look forward to the continuation of this bi-monthly online series curated by Victoria Vesna. This program features artists, critics, and curators relating their contemporary work to pieces in the David Bermant collection.

2. ENTANGLED ATTRACTION:  Sally Weber’s new work, exhibited at the San Francisco Exploratorium from November 2022 through April 2023, is now on schedule for 2024 at the Butler.  Visitors enjoy the swirling ceiling installation and are captivated by the chaotic pattern of the lights, which create orbiting traces suspended in the air. The accompanying Soundscape completes the immersive experience with a non-repeating, expansive orchestration.
Please see this short video:

3. ELECTRIC DREAMS: On view at Tate Modern in London Nov. 28, 2024 – June 1, 2025, this historical exhibition will generate new knowledge and public appreciation of optical, kinetic, programmed, and digital art. Many artists from the David Bermant collection will be included in the show.

The exhibition celebrates the radical artists who began using machines and algorithms to create hypnotic and mind-bending art between the 1950s and the 1980s. From the birth of op art to the dawn of cybernetics, this major exhibition will be a rare chance to experience incredible works of vintage tech art in action, including psychedelic environments, sensory installations and machine-generated artworks.

4. FORMS OF BALANCE:  A 45-minute documentary that follows sculptor London Tsai as he untangles his inheritance after the passing of his father. Please see the grant funded page for details.

5. MCASB: We are proud to support the reopening of The Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art. The organization has come back to life under the leadership of Frederick Janka. We look forward to MCASB’s contribution to the Getty Foundation Pacific Standard Time Initiative Art and Science Collide as well as future exhibitions dedicated to kinetic art.