Color, Light, Motion. Episode 6: Sally Weber

SALLY WEBER is an independent light artist based in Oakland, California. Weber grew up in the Northeast, earning her Master of Science in Visual Studies from the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She trained with Otto Piene, Director of the Center and a founder of Group Zero, and Harriet Casdin-Silver, a pioneer artist in the development and artistic uses of optical holography.

Weber’s interest in light inspires her work using optical and digital holography, video, dimensional photography, and laser installations. Her work focuses on revealing the immediacy of the essential natural forces underlying life and the patterns that interconnect them. She has produced numerous public art installations and private commissions and has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally including the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, OH, The McNay Museum, San Antonio, TX, the Museo of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal, the Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary, and the Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany.

Sally Weber in conversation with Victoria

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 5: John Hood

JOHN HOOD is a non-objective painter of meditative forms on highly textured, mixed-media surfaces, heavily inspired by his lifelong affair with the sea. Raised in Los Angeles, his artistic journey began after he moved to the mid-west in the early 1980s, where academic studies initially took him in the direction of experimental filmmaking.

Over the past seven years, Hood has developed an intimate knowledge of the David Bermant Foundation Collection leading more than 150 tours. His personal observations of the viewers’ reactions to experiencing the artwork brings a deep insight into to the richness of the collection and its relevance to the art world.

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 4: Anne Niemetz

ANNE NIEMETZ has been video-documenting the David Bermant Collection since 2004, and has created most of the visual documentation materials found on the Bermant website.

Operating in the field of New Media Art and Design, Anne’s creative work focuses on the convergence of design, technology, art and science. Her work is intentionally collaborative and interdisciplinary, manifesting itself in forms of interactive and non-interactive audio-visual installations, videos, wearable technology designs and electronic art.

Anne holds a Media Arts degree from the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (HfG), Germany, with a focus in digital media and interactive sound installation. She continued her studies at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where she received an MFA in Design and Media Arts in 2004. In 2007 she moved to New Zealand, where she holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Media Design at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). Currently Anne is the programme director of the Bachelor of Design Innovation at VUW.

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 3: Christine Paul

Christiane Paul will be discussing an essay she wrote while in residence at the David Bermant Foundation in May 2014 entitle, Virtual Volumes and Electric Choreographies, which looks specifically at kinetics and optics and abstract imagery within the David Bermant collection.

Christiane Paul is Chief Curator / Director of the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center and Professor in the School of Media Studies at The New School, as well as Adjunct Curator of Digital Art at the Whitney Museum of American Art. She is the recipient of the Thoma Foundation’s 2016 Arts Writing Award in Digital Art, and her books are A Companion to Digital Art (Blackwell-Wiley, May 2016); Digital Art (Thames and Hudson, 2003, 2008, 2015); Context Providers – Conditions of Meaning in Media Arts (Intellect, 2011; Chinese edition, 2012); and New Media in the White Cube and Beyond (UC Press, 2008). At the Whitney Museum she curated exhibitions including Programmed: Rules, Codes, and Choreographies in Art 1965 –

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Dr. Lou Zona

Dr. Lou Zona from the Butler Institute of Art in Youngstown Ohio with a video tribute. During this 10 minute presentation Dr. Zona shares some of his favorite pieces from the David Bermant collection in their new space at the museum. Dr. Zona reminisces about being introduced to David Bermant by Ivan Karp from the OK Harris Gallery in SoHo and gives the history of their collaborations and friendship.

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 2: David Familian & Karen Moss

Color, Light, Motion – Episode 2 featured David Familian, the director of the Beall Center for Art + Technology and art historian, curator and educator, Karen Moss from USC Roski School of Art and Design. In this emergent conversation, Familian discussed Virtually Wise by Nam June Paik and Moss discussed the Wind Up Guitar by Christian Marclay, Alan Rath’s, Desktop Breather and NanoMandala by Victoria Vesna. The following dialogue expanded on the historical importance and relationship between the artworks as well as the inherent and hidden connections to artworks by Marcel Duchamp.

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Color, Light, Motion. Episode 1: Erkki Huhtamo

In conversation with Victoria Vesna brought to you by the David Bermant Foundation

We are proud to announce the beginning of COLOR, LIGHT, MOTION, a collaboration with Harvestworks NY and the David Bermant Foundation. This new, online series will feature a media artist in conversation with one of the works from the Bermant Collection. Each artist will go over the selected artwork, in history and context, and then will present their own work and discuss relationships and contrasts between. These rich conversations will be unique, interesting and art-historical.


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Marcel Duchamp, “Rotorelief No. 5 – Poisson Japonais” (recto) gif (via Wikimedia Commons)

A Collection of Experimental Kinetic Art, Featuring Marcel Duchamp and Jenny Holzer

The Butler Institute of American Art received 98 works from the kinetic art collection of developer David Bermant, who acquired work that explored movement through the use of video, electronics, robotics, holography, magnetism, and light.


Article in PDF

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News at The Business Journal

Virtually Wise, Nam June Paik

Butler Acquires Major $3.4M Collection of Modern Art

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — The Butler Institute of American Art has received a landmark collection of experimental 20th century art.

The 98-piece collection of kinetic art pieces, valued at $3.4 million, was given to The Butler by the David W. Bermant Foundation of Santa Barbara, Calif.

All of the pieces are untraditional, and were collected by the late David W. Bermant, a New York native who was a successful shopping center developer on the East and West coats. Bermant died in 2000 in Santa Barbara, where he lived part-time, at age 80.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021 by 

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Color, Light, Motion at Buttler Institute Press Release

January 8, 2021, Youngstown, OH – The Butler Institute of American Art is excited to announce it has received a belated 100th birthday present from a California foundation. The David Bermant Foundation of Santa Barbara California has gifted the Butler Institute one of the premier collections of Kinetic art in America. The collection of 98 works valued at several million dollars includes pieces created by many of the pioneers of technologically based art such as Marcel Duchamp, Nam June Paik, Jenny Holzer, Jean Tinguely, Pol Bury, George Rhoads, John Deandria, James Seawright, and dozens more.

Butler director, Dr. Louis Zona stated that “the addition of the Bermant collection further enriches the Butler’s holdings of contemporary art. We express our gratitude to the Bermant Foundation for their generosity and vision in placing this extraordinary art collection with the Butler Institute of American Art.”

David Bermant was one of the most admired collectors of avant-garde art in the United States. His collection of

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